What days and times of worship?

 On Sundays at 19:30.


With what clothes I can go to church?

You will see people wearing everything. From shorts to pants and dresses. Our concern is not what is outside, but inside. Come as you want (but have common sense ...). Jesus accepts us as we are or we are when we go to Him.


What should I expect from the service?

A word from God and relevant to your life, as well as good contemporary music in a pleasant and informal atmosphere.


How can I get in the church?

See our website the "Directions". Our address is Dr. Solomon Vergueiro Cross Street, 1189, corner with Av. 6 - Cafubá - Piratininga - Niterói - RJ. It is the second street after the DPO Cafubá in front of the sign. The church is on the corner with a white grille and front lawn. By bus, from the center of Niterói, the best option is the no. 39 (Piratininga - Via Cafubá), the San Antonio road. The drop point is in front of the church. 


It has some activity for my children (children) during worship?

During the service we have the little lambs, for children 1 to 3 years, the Children's Ministry, for children 4 to 8 years. And we also have a special service for Juniors from 9 to 11 years.In addition to the nursery, where you can watch and listen to the service in a room with air conditioning and a crib for your baby. 


The church has a Bible study group? Which should I participate?

On Sundays, we deliver a newsletter with a list of all Small Groups (WG) of our church, which take place weekly. On the site, the Small Groups section, you can also find one. Choose the one that is closer to your home or that you feel more at ease. We also have discipled and Bible study classes on Sundays at 18 hours.


How can I become a member of the CBO?

Membership is open to all those who put their faith in Jesus Christ, who died for our sins. To become a member, you also need to be baptized in an evangelical church. If you plan to be part of the Community Baptist Oceanic family, talk to one of our pastors.


How can I offer?


 Banco Santander: 033

 Agency: 4215 / Current Account: 13000141-2

 CNPJ: 04699171 / 0001-01


The CBO has some other congregation?

Yes, in Cabo Frio, in the Rocket Beach. The site is

And we also have a project in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, where in the future we will also have a congregation. For more information visit