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A church with purpose:

Our story

In 1997, Pastor Thomas Hearon and his wife Bonnie Hearon, along with a team of American missionaries made a Oceânica by Region prayer walk in Niterói, when the Holy Spirit opened their eyes to the need to deploy a Baptist Church based on model "Purpose Driven Church" in Cafubá.


After a period of prayer, Pr. Thomas invited the missionary Patti LaCarter and Georgia coast to carry out the deployment of the church. In 1998, the missionaries began the implementation doing a recognition of Cafubá area and starting a survey to know the community profile. We started our ministry as a congregation of First Baptist Church of Itaipu, starting a work that gathered the neighborhood children on a street in the area to hear the Word of God. At the same time, we formed small groups in homes. The first celebration took place in Worship Barravento Kiosk.


In 2001 we were officially organized as a church, with our own Constitution and due official records. In 2005 we got our own headquarters in Niterói, located at Rua Dr. Solomon Vergueiro of the Cross, 1189, having as pastors Patti LaCarter and Tania Ramos Moreira.


Always with the multiplication of view, the Community Baptist Oceanic deployed its first congregation in rocket Beach in the city of Cabo Frio, neighborhood where there was no evangelical church. The couple Robson and Naruby took work as pastors of the Community Baptist Ocean in Cabo Frio.


Pra. Patti LaCarter
Pra.Tania  Moreira

I live currently in ... Niteroi, but I was born in ... Houston, Texas USA.

I was born again ... to 10 years old when he prayed in faith ,and received Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Have fellowship with God every day is an incredible gift and I am very grateful to have parents who love God and who taught me the Word of God.

I would describe my relationship with Jesus as ... completely satisfactory, personal, full of grace and mercy of God, strengthened by the Word, by the Spirit of God , and for my beloved family in Christ.

Pastoring a church is ... an incomparable blessing and called. It is also a great responsibility that keeps me at the feet of Christ. I am very grateful for the body of Christ, which grazing.

In my spare time you can find me ... on the beach, at home reading, doing hiking, walking my dog Joe, playing tennis or racquetball.

What I really do not like ... watching movies, cold and cooking time.

In 20 years ... I pray that is still with all the enthusiasm and faithfully serving Jesus with all my heart, wherever He leads me, doing what he wants.

Things you may not know about me ... I live in Brazil since 1996, I love Mexican food, Buzios is my favorite place to rest and I was ateacher of history and geography in the United States when I received the call to serve in Brazil.

I live currently in ... I have always lived in Niteroi.

I was born again ... in 1980, when I first entered into an evangelical church. I felt the peace that was looking for and had the feeling of being in heaven.

Describe my relationship with Jesus as ... priority, pleasant, authentic and eternal.

Pastoring a church is ... a great challenge and privilege. I am extremely grateful to the Lord's call and happy for the flock.

In my spare time you can find me ... at home talking to my children by skype, reading or beach Camboinhas.

What I really do not like ... cold coffee, math, cooking and driving in downtown Rio.

In 20 years ... I hope that God will continue giving me theopportunity to serve you.

Things you may not know about me ... I am married for 34 years with Samuel and I have a couple of grown children. I started working as ateacher at 18, taught history and geography until I retire when I received the call to serve in the CBO.

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